Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Portable and teachable

I have often been asked to teach wool dyeing classes but given the production work I have done it is hard to envision teaching it on location especially with the equipment and setup I have in my studio.  I am doing a little thinking and exploring at the moment on ways to make it more feasible. I have a new technique that would suit an on location classroom setting. Some results are below and whats nice about this is that it uses relatively little water for those who live in areas with water restrictions. It is a great way to explore color layering and blending.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Home sweet home

I love traveling and its always good to head out for an adventure but as good as it is to go away it is equally so to return home.  I am very lucky to live in an amazing house on a hill with a good view of some big sky country. The sunsets can be stunning and inspirational. A not so good iPhone pic captured the moment but you get the idea.

I have just finished this new version of the flower color bundle which has been shipped to Sue.


My one mission before Morgan gets sick was to take him to see the sea which is kind of silly since he actually is not too fond of water even though he has large Labrador webbed feet. My mom and dad journeyed with me along with their dog Boiki who also had yet to smell sea air and have a run on the beach.

Our destination was Cannon Beach, one of the dog friendliest places I have ever been. I loved that we could take the dogs a walk and they could run free as long as they are under voice command. That alone was a challenge for me as my stubborn hound is not exactly in tune with my thoughts and as the days wore on he proved that even though he has two bad legs he can sure still outrun me. We all had a wonderful relaxed few days and some much needed time together. A good reminder on how important family is.

I have always loved my trips through Oregon, the state has continually changing landscapes. On the way home we traveled through the eastern part of the state to see the Painted Hills and the John Day Fossil Beds, sites I have long wanted to see. They were more amazing than I expected and will definitely spend more time exploring the eastern region next road trip.  

Friday, October 4, 2013


Life is looking up. Morgan is up and hobbling around again, his tail is wagging and he is back to trying to be the first one out the door which is a good sign that for the next few months he should enjoy life.
A few more doodles have been scanned into the computer and I am working on the last month of the block of the months dyeing as well as a few more new colors. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marking marks

Each day I try and take a little time to draw, make a few marks or just brush some ink on a page if my mind is weary. Over time my sketch books have filled up with drawings and doodles.  Some of my favorite inks are Encre Sennelier in the colors indigo blue, grey and burnt sienna.

A few pens I like are Staedtler pigment liners, Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens and the best white ink pen I have found so far is the uniball Signo. They don't last long for me but they do put down a nice opaque line.

A few of my doodles that I have scanned into the computer so far. I will be referring to them for my print and stitch inspiration.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A couple of years ago I took two workshops on making marks, trying to get myself back into a creative  routine. The first was with Dorothy Caldwell in textiles and the second in encaustic with Paula Roland so when I saw a book called Mark-making in textile art by Helen Parrott I was intrigued. A couple of sample pages show some of her stitch work. 

I am interested in how a line can transform itself across different media. I could see these stitch  marks in encaustic as well as etchings and other forms of printmaking.

I have been spending time over the last year or two doodling and have now created a nice collection of marks of my own which I have started scanning into the computer for my own use and interpretation for pattern, print and stitch. My goal is to assemble my drawings into a book of some sort, a kind of visual diary perhaps.

Monday, September 23, 2013


I have been studying and admiring Indian textiles for a long time now and my wish to go there on a textile tour has been around for a few years so when I saw that Quiltmania had published a book on Godharis of course I had to order it. I am glad I did, it is filled with some lovely samples of colorful quilts and will be great inspiration for some winter sewing and a joy to read in the cold upcoming months. Here's a look at a few images from the book that caught my eye. The author of the book is Geeta Khandelwal, the photographs are by Mangesh Parab, Tobias Megerle and Charu Gupte.  

The front cover